Fire Within

Fire within is the result of the collaboration between Dennis, Robbin and Arjon, when they played together in a cover band.

Two years later, in 2014, after they decided to continue with original songs and Lars van Mourik joined as the bands drummer, the band recorded their first CD called Fire Within. Immediately after the release of that album, new songs were written and a demo was recorded. Due to tours and many changes in the musical direction the band wanted to go to, that demo layed on the shelf for quite some years.

That was until the band got in contact with American producer and drummer Matt Starr. Starr had listened to the demo tracks and produced some of them. After a crowdfunding campaign, the band flew to Los Angeles in 2019, to record 4 songs for an upcomming EP in the Atrium Studio. Just after recordings were done, the COVID-19 pandemic started, delaying the release of the EP with another couple of years.

Now all that is behind our backs and Fire Within is releasing the tracks of the new EP, as well as remastering the first album and planning a new tour.

Band Members

Official band picture Dennis van de Bor

Dennis van de Bor

Lead Vocals and Guitar

Robbin van de Bor

Vocals and Bass

Lars van Mourik


Arjon Bimmel